flowers are rock stars
iā€™m putting together the bands

My name is Rachel and by trade I'm an Art Director, having worked for 20 years in advertising. However, I always harboured a itch to create using flowers. Perhaps it was a career of using colour and composition to bring things to life that made me think 'what if I can do that using flowers, to make people's day a little happier'? So I decided to give it a go.
I took courses, read-up, practiced, revamped my shed into a studio and began to create - and i received a positive response. Follow my journey via the blog link.

I wanted flowers to be a little bit more rock'n'roll. To be a little bit different, to not follow tradition or convention. To make someone's day Punk.
To receive flowers on Valentines Day is wonderful - but to see the impact flowers make when someone's least expecting them, say they just had a bad day, or they're happy their divorce came through, or they don't need Mother's Day for someone to tell them they rock their world - well this was powerful. So this became my flower philosophy - just make people happy.
Mother nature is a badass, every flower and every leaf is a little rock star. I'm just putting together the colourful little band. Hopefully you'll become a fan.
- Rach x

Motley Hues flowers

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All Photos Courtesy of Motley Hues Flowers

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